SONY BRAVIA KJ-75X8000Hを購入! / I bought a SONY BRAVIA KJ-75X8000H!


ついに我が家に届きました!SONY BRAVIA KJ-75X8000Hです!
Hi! I’m Nob.
Finally, SONY BRAVIA has been delivered to my home! It’s a SONY BRAVIA KJ-75X8000H!

I love watching movies and sports on a big screen TV, so I had decided to buy a BRAVIA from Sony Japan when I returned to Japan. Actually, I had the same BRAVIA when I was living in Thailand. The BRAVIA that I owned in Thailand was 65inch and the model number was KD-65X9000H.

I thought about shipping the BRAVIA I bought in Thailand to Japan, but the shipping cost was too high, so I gave up. I got an estimate for the shipping cost, but it was 200,000 Japanese Yen. So, I sold the BRAVIA before I returned to Japan….

When I returned to Japan, I wanted to buy a similar TV, and considered which model number BRAVIA to get, but once I owned a 65-inch TV, I decided to buy a larger one than that. I didn’t want to regret it.

If I compare the prices of BRAVIAs in Japan and Thailand, they are almost the same. The main difference is that the Japanese BRAVIA has a 4K tuner and we are able to watch 4K broadcasts on NHK and satellite. TV broadcasting in Thailand would not have been able to watch 4K images.

I can still enjoy movies, baseball, soccer, F1, and sumo on the big screen for years to come!

兄YUのPS5をBRAVIA KJ-75X8000Hに接続して4K HDRの高画質を75インチ画面で楽しむ!ゲーム画面はDEATH STRANDING。Connecting YU’s PS5 to the BRAVIA KJ-75X8000H, enjoying 4K HDR high definition on a 75inch screen! The game is DEATH STRANDING.
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